Lyft EV Microsite — three weeks from content strategy to a full-fledged site.


Lead Designer

Client & Team

Client - Lyft
Agency - Owen Jones
ACD - Jenny Beatty 
Copy - Jake Cann
Design - Meg Odell

Info ↓

Working within Lyft's library of web components, we created an energetic hub of information that slots into the Lyft website ecosphere to communicate to electric vehicle-interested audiences about the benefits of driving an EV with Lyft.  


One of the major challenges of building a Lyft landing page is "hacking" their library of components to build a website that still feels unique. As a part of that process, our team explored a variety of options that considered ways to keep the flow of the site interesting. 


Once the flow and style of the website was approved, we worked with Lyft's internal creative team and developers to create the site in Figma. After approval, we worked with Lyft's dev team to build and QA the final site.


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