In our work and in our lives, many of us often feel like we are imposters. This project explores how it feels when we know we are not alone in this.


Senior Capstone Project -
Iowa State University

Art Direction

Bernard Canniffe


LA Times - EscargotEditorial Illustration


LA Times - Penny Pound IceEditorial Illustration

LA Times - Bottles on the WallEditorial Illustration

LA Times - Cocoa BeansEditorial Illustration

LA Times - Petits FoursEditorial Illustration

Marshall T. TrowelIllustration

Moustache Coffee ClubIllustration

Thank You DogsIllustration

Tucson Museum of ArtIllustration

Deaf Dogs of OregonIllustration

Really Fucking Good LasagnaEditorial Design

Let Them Eat CakeIllustration

Restaurant FoodIllustration

2017 EclipseProject type

How To Tell A StoryProject type

PrintInformation Design

Boy Crazyzine

Revivaleditorial design and illustration

Blue Periodillustration

That First Crushillustration

Floating Headsillustration

Music & MemoryNewsletter

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